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Rascal Fair Farm

What We Do - Sustainable Living

We raise several breeds of sheep - Texel,  Finnsheep and East Friesian.  In addition, we have several Olde English Babydoll Southdown/Finn and Texel/Finn crosses. The sheep are joined by a small herd of goats, a flock of chickens, a few ducks and three exceptionally spoiled dogs.


Our goal is "hands-on" sustainable EDUCATION.  Rascal Fair Farm is home to our local 4H club (Kaleidoscope) and a small fiber guild (Friends in Fiber).  To further foster sustainability learning, we offer WORKSHOPS to share our acquired knowledge.  Workshops are available in soapmaking, cheesemaking, artisian breads, food preservation, crochet, sewing, fleece processing, spinning and weaving (peg loom, ridge heddle, floor loom and timber frame loom).  NEW WORKSHOPS: beginning weaving, Integrated pest management with FAMACHA and fecal analysis training.


Along with our SPRING LAMBS, we sell raw FLEECE, raw LOCKS (WOOL and MOHAIR), YARNS and HANDWOVEN gifts.


USDA MEATS are now available in a variety of packaging options. 


Cultivators of the earth are the most vigorous, the most independent, the most virtuous pillars of society - Thomas Jefferson.

Winter Specials


Just in time for the holiday gift season,  we have created a practical gift for your feathered friends - Nesting Balls.  Each nesting ball is filled with an assortment of natural fiber materials which include wool, mohair, alpaca, cotton/silk threads and chicken feathers.  Nesting balls provide birds an alternative to the plastic debris so common in today's nest.  When the ball is empty, simply refill it with new nesting materials.  Be creative with your nesting materials!  However, remember to use "natural" materials.  Nesting Refills (8oz) $5

Nesting Balls
25.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

Nesting Balls (3 for $25)



USDA lamb just in time for the holidays! Please check out the entire USDA inventory under the "USDA Meats" tab.




Weights:   5lbs, 6lbs

Holiday Pricing: $10 per lb.


Each bag of washed wool comes with a complementary shea butter lip balm.  Wool choices include: Texel (white), Finn (white, grays, blacks, browns), Texel-Finn Cross (white) and Southdown-Finn Cross (black/brown, white). 


Bag Weight:  1lb

Price: $25

1 Lb Bag of Wool
25.00 USD
( Sales tax and shipping costs not included )

One Pound of Washed Wool




Our timber frame looms are finally ready.  Come take a step back in time as you learn to weave on a piece of history.  Many thanks to Kathyrn for allowing these looms to find their way to us.


December 9 - Beginning Weaving (10am)

January 13 - Beginning Spinning (noon)

January 27 - Beginning Weaving (10am)


A non-refufundable deposit ($5) will hold your seat.  The fee balance ($35) can be paid at the time of the workshop.  Workshops last approximately 4!/2 hours.  A short lunch break is scheduled.  Please bring a snack.  Coffee and tea available.


new WWSG Beginners Weaving Study Group was established November 2016. We are back in action for the winter season. Meetings are the FIRST Sunday of the month (November thru February).  The December 3rd meeting will focus on timber frame looms and warping board basics. 

Featured Farm Friends


These little "old men" have decided to spend their retirement years here at the farm.  Thank you Burroughs and Beyond Italian Greyhound Rescue for our new friends.



Willy is our first Italian Greyhound rescue.  A tragic past left him with a distrusting demeanor that we had to overcome.  However, time and patience has brought this little man out of his shell.  We remain amazed with his daily progress!


When contemplating a new pet, PLEASE consider a rescue animal.  The joy they bring to your life is immeasurable.




Matka was our most famous goat.  "Mot Mot" departed from us this winter.  We will miss our gal!  She and I were featured in a local article several years ago.  Naturally, celebrity status had left it's mark on our Matka; she was the first goat ready to pose for any photo opportunity. 



Check Matka out at: http://independentweekender.com/index.php/2013/09/11/thompson-womans-molasses-zucchini-bread-has-back-to-land-flavor/#.UzdHFcVC8A


We are a small farm located in the Endless Mountains region (Thompson) of Pennsylvania.  Our farm operates on the principles of sustainability and self-sufficiency. 


Contact us at rascal_fair@yahoo.com


Visit us on Facebook - Rascal Fair Farm.


Come see us in action throughout the year! We demonstrate felting, spinning and weaving. Our programs are interactive with a "make and take" theme.  Events marked with a "(v)" indicates vending events; come see our wares in 2018.


May 26: Wool Days at Old Mill Village, New Milford, PA (v)


August 26: Greene Dreher Sterling Fair, Newfoundland, PA


September 8 & 9:  Endless Mountains Fiber Festival (v)

We met some new friends, Abby and Ellie, at the Susquehanna Agricultural Day.  The girls tried their hand at needle felting.  And no blood was shed!


We wish to thank all our family and friends who have made Rascal Fair Farm a reality.


Tom and Mary!


Everyone at Carbondale Veterinary Hospital!


Melissa & Sarah . . . our dear Shepherds Extraordinaire!


Rhett, Dziadko, Dante, Vespucci, Jick E. Behr, Willow and Cooper: our departed canine companions.  You guys are NEVER far from our thoughts.  See you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge!

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