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Wool dryer balls are an excellent alternative to traditional dryer sheets.  They reduce drying time by up to 25% while diminishing static electricity.  More importantly, they accomplish their job without exposing your clothing to long lists of chemicals. Remember, wool is a natural sustainable and biodegradable material!  Our personal dryer balls have been in service for over a year; they are still doing their job.


Price $20 (set of six)


Helpful Hints:

- a set of six dryer balls works best for a large load of laundry

- use white dryer balls with white clothing

- use dark dryer balls with darker clothing

- use a few drops of essential oils to dryer balls if scented clothing is desired





Personal care products contain numerous chemicals which are difficult for the liver to handle.  Over a lifetime, these chemicals can have significant negative health effects. Traditional soap made in small batches provides a safer alternative to soap manufactured in industrial quantities.


Try our washcloth and soap rolled into one! Our goat milk soap is wrapped in a natural felt wool coat.  When the soap fades away, simply insert new soap . . . keep on going. 


Current Soaps:  tea tree, orange, clove oatmeal, sage, mocha java and rosemary.


Six felted soap sampler for $25.


Natural Rugs

Non-flammable fireside accent rugs for those cozy winter nights!  Wool fibers are recommended for hearth given their innate flame resistance.


Just of the loom, this rug measures 32 by 56 inches.  



Price $150


Reusable Microwave Heating Pads

For those aches and pains, try reuseable microwave heading pads!  Our heating pads are made from natural non-toxic materials - cotton material, rice and/or flax seeds. The contents allows the bag to conform to the shape of the problem area.


These bags can also function as ice packs.  Grab a second set of bags to keep in the freezer.


Scent Options: Unscented, Rosemary, Lavender, Tea Tree, Sage or Eucalyptus


Price $15



We are a small farm located in the Endless Mountains region (Thompson) of Pennsylvania.  Our farm operates on the principles of sustainability and self-sufficiency. 


Contact us at rascal_fair@yahoo.com


Visit us on Facebook - Rascal Fair Farm.


Come see us in action throughout the year! We demonstrate felting, spinning and weaving. Our programs are interactive with a "make and take" theme.  Events marked with a "(v)" indicates vending events; come see our wares in 2018.


May 26: Wool Days at Old Mill Village, New Milford, PA (v)


August 26: Greene Dreher Sterling Fair, Newfoundland, PA


September 8 & 9:  Endless Mountains Fiber Festival (v)

We met some new friends, Abby and Ellie, at the Susquehanna Agricultural Day.  The girls tried their hand at needle felting.  And no blood was shed!


We wish to thank all our family and friends who have made Rascal Fair Farm a reality.


Tom and Mary!


Everyone at Carbondale Veterinary Hospital!


Melissa & Sarah . . . our dear Shepherds Extraordinaire!


Rhett, Dziadko, Dante, Vespucci, Jick E. Behr, Willow and Cooper: our departed canine companions.  You guys are NEVER far from our thoughts.  See you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge!

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