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Our goals include self-reliance, sustainable agriculture and educational enrichment. We host several workshops designed to share the skills that we gained on our farming adventure.  



Knowledge is Power

Skill is Trade 

Experience is Priceless




For FIFTY DOLLARS and FOUR HOURS, you can master basic skills.  Each workshop provides extensive reference materials and starter supplies to continue your studies at home.  We are never but an email or a phone call away should you need assistance.  Want to advance your skills?  Just ask.  We can create individual workshops for your specific needs.


Payment  is due at the start of each workshop.  PayPal services are available on site.


The workshop topics are listed below.  However, you will notice that there are no specific dates associated with workshops.  We will schedule your workshop when you contact us.  Weekends for best for us, but we can accommodate weekday times if necessary.   We do not offer workshops during lambing and kidding season - February.  Sorry.  Our focus is on the new babes.


Workshops include an introductory lecture, assorted handouts, beginning supplies and "hands-on" experiences.  We can hold a workshop for a small group, however, the group should be limited to three participants.  It is critical that individual attention be the focus of the class.



You will learn the basics of integrated pest management (IPM) utillized in the care of sheep and goats.  The workshop will focus on body condition scoring, FAMACHA scoring and fecal analysis techniques.  In addition, we will address parasite issues such as drug resistance, rotational grazing and fowl assistance.



You will begin with a quick weaving language lesson.  With vocabulary in hand, we will move to a comparison study of the rigid heddle loom, "jack" table loom and the "counterbalance" floor loom.  Time to weave now!  You will spend time weaving on each of these looms to get a feel for their similiarities and their differences.  We will close with an overview on warping a loom and reading weaving drafts.  You will head home with a fist full of resources to take you further down the weaving path.  This workshop will get you started!  Advanced workshops can be designed to suite your future needs.



Want to create your own yarn?  Come learn the ancient art of spinning.  We have piles of wool and three spinning wheels at your disposal.  You will learn the history of spinning, the principles of spinning and basic troubleshooting.  We will discuss the varieties of spinning wheels and sources for acquiring a wheel.  As an added bonus, we will send you home with several fiber varieties and a portable drop spindle to keep you spinning until you acquire your wheel. 



Coming learn the art of weaving using wooden pegs!  You will learn to warp the loom, weave wool roving onto the loom and finish the project with decorative fringe.  Make an wearable winter scarf or an elegant table runner to take home.  In addition, other peg loom projects and embellishment ideas will be on display for future inspiration.



You will learn the basic principles behind soapmaking, sources for soapmaking supplies and safety issues (handling caustic lye). You will make a small batch of scented goat milk soap.  Given that soap requires time to "cure",  we will send you home with a soap sample pack. Your workshop soap will be mailed you later.  The freezer is full of our goat milk ready to go!   



You will learn the basic principles behind cheesemaking, sources of cheesemaking supplies and trouble shooting issues.  We will make a small batch of farmers cheese, microwave mozzarella and feta.  Our goats will provide the milk for the cheeses.  The goats provide milk from April until November, therefore, we can only offer this class during that time frame. 



Do you have a breadmaker collecting dust?  Dust it off and bring it with you for our breadmaking workshop.  Don't have a breadmaker?  No problem, we have several to use.  Our workshop focuses on the use of the breadmaker to create dough.  You will then take the dough and learn the basics of dough handling, rising, decorating and baking.  In addition, we will use two different styles of breadmakers to compare styles and to make two varieties of bread.  



In a world of food additives and flavor enhancers, food has lost its uniqueness.  Try home canning!  Canning provides an opportunity to preserve high quality food absent of food additives.  You will learn the basics of water bath and pressure canning, sources of canning supplies and trouble shooting issues.  You will  "put up" (as the old timers say) jelly, vegetables and some meat.  In addition, other forms of food preservation will be discussed.



Historically, crochet was described as a variety of knitting practiced by Scottish peasants with a "shepherd's hook" needle.  The French got hold of this new fiber art christening it "crochet" meaning crooked shape.  Grab a shepherd's hook and some wool - let's make some history!  The workshop will cover basics stitches, yarn varieties and troubleshooting while you create a wearable head warmer.  The head warmer pattern will serve as our tool for pattern-reading lessons.  Finally, we will send you home with hooks, yarns and beginner patterns to continue your adventures. 



Have you ever needed clothes repaired or altered?  Join us for our sewing workshop.  You will survey the tools of the trade, learn the anatomy of fabric, discuss fabric varieties, learn simple hand-stitching and machine-sewing.  We will discuss sewing machine varieties (serger, embroidery), sources of inexpensive fabrics and basic troubleshooting.  You will use our basic sewing machine and our serger machine to make several microwaveable rice bags.  These bags are great for applying heat to those sore muscles!  If you have an article of clothing that needs mending or hemming . . .  bring them!  We will send you home with an assortment of sewing notions and fabric swatches to get you started.








We are a small farm located in the Endless Mountains region (Thompson) of Pennsylvania.  Our farm operates on the principles of sustainability and self-sufficiency. 


Contact us at rascal_fair@yahoo.com


Visit us on Facebook - Rascal Fair Farm.


Come see us in action throughout the year! We demonstrate felting, spinning and weaving. Our programs are interactive with a "make and take" theme.  Events marked with a "(v)" indicates vending events; come see our wares in 2018.


May 26: Wool Days at Old Mill Village, New Milford, PA (v)


August 26: Greene Dreher Sterling Fair, Newfoundland, PA


September 8 & 9:  Endless Mountains Fiber Festival (v)

We met some new friends, Abby and Ellie, at the Susquehanna Agricultural Day.  The girls tried their hand at needle felting.  And no blood was shed!


We wish to thank all our family and friends who have made Rascal Fair Farm a reality.


Tom and Mary!


Everyone at Carbondale Veterinary Hospital!


Melissa & Sarah . . . our dear Shepherds Extraordinaire!


Rhett, Dziadko, Dante, Vespucci, Jick E. Behr, Willow and Cooper: our departed canine companions.  You guys are NEVER far from our thoughts.  See you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge!

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