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Sadie is a registered (Rascal Fair 0003) Texel ewe.  Born: 2/23/16 SG  Sire: 12570 Mountain Meadows 656 TW  Dam: 14089 Silvara Valley 1340 TW   Sadie is an absolutely social gal!   She is an excellent choice for a starter flock with her solid conformation and handling ease.  Please email us for conformation photos.    

New Lambs (2016)


What a hefty load!  True to Texel form, Twill is packing on the pounds.   


Bristol (rest in peace) left her ram lamb to our care. Many thanks to Terri for adopting our orphan. Best wishes to both of you!


McKenzie's wishes to introduce her new lambs - Mr. Sawyer and Ms. Sterling.  Rumor has it that Bramble and Sterling will be pasture mates.


We are a small farm located in the Endless Mountains region (Thompson) of Pennsylvania.  Our farm operates on the principles of sustainability and self-sufficiency. 


Contact us at rascal_fair@yahoo.com


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Come see us in action throughout the year! We demonstrate felting, spinning and weaving. Our programs are interactive with a "make and take" theme.  Events marked with a "(v)" indicates vending events; come see our wares in 2018.


May 26: Wool Days at Old Mill Village, New Milford, PA (v)


August 26: Greene Dreher Sterling Fair, Newfoundland, PA


September 8 & 9:  Endless Mountains Fiber Festival (v)

We met some new friends, Abby and Ellie, at the Susquehanna Agricultural Day.  The girls tried their hand at needle felting.  And no blood was shed!


We wish to thank all our family and friends who have made Rascal Fair Farm a reality.


Tom and Mary!


Everyone at Carbondale Veterinary Hospital!


Melissa & Sarah . . . our dear Shepherds Extraordinaire!


Rhett, Dziadko, Dante, Vespucci, Jick E. Behr, Willow and Cooper: our departed canine companions.  You guys are NEVER far from our thoughts.  See you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge!

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