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The  SKIRTED FLEECE MILL is promising our yarn for July 2017.

Please check back on July 16th.

Finnsheep Yarn

Finnsheep wool is ranked in the fine end of the medium wool category.  The range of wool fineness varies with individual sheep.  The wool has a soft to handle, a moderale crimp and a high luster. Finnsheep have a similar range of fleece colors as that of the Icelandic sheep breed. White is the dominant color with black and black/white piebald as the second common colors.  Grey and fawn colors are more scare color patterns.


While most of our Finns are white, we do have three piebalds and a single GREY sheep.  Badger's fleece (GREY) is usually sold before the fleece is even shorn.  Interested in her grey fleece, please contact us to reserve the fleece.


Our Finns are shorn twice a year - October and May.  Each shearing has been yielding 4-5 inch staples and 4lb fleeces.

Texel Yarn

Texel wool has been commonly overlooked as a fiber source given its meat breed classification. The wool is placed in the medium wool catagory.  While it lacks the luster of other wools, its crimp and loft is make it a joy to spin.  I personally use Texel wool to teach beginning spinners given its ease of drafting. 



Our Texels are shorn once a year - early May. Shearings has been yielding 5 inch staples and 4-5lb fleeces.

Olde English Babydoll Southdown Yarn

One of the oldest English breeds of the Downs region of England.  These small sheep were know for their extreme hardiness and meat with unmatched tenderness and flavor. Like the Texel meat breed, the Southdown wool has been overlooked by spinners.


Babydoll wool is short (about 3 inch staple) with a springy, soft and bouncy charactertistic with an underlying strength. In addition, the high barbs per inch "sticky" feature creates an ideal wool to blend with other fibers like angora (photo: southdown-angora blend.)  Southdown is our favorite for socks!


Our good friends at Hawthorne Manor Farm are providing you this unique opportunity to try a phenomenal yarn.


Southdowns are shorn once a year - early May. Shearings has been yielding 2-3 inch staples and 3-4 lb fleeces.

Border Cheviot Yarn

The yarn of the infamous Tweed!  Border cheviot sheep differ from that of the North Country variety in that the "border" term refers to the Cheviot Hills between Scotland and England.  The breed is prized for its wool but bred primarily for meat.  The prized wool has distinctive helical crimp giving it a highly desirable resilience; an ideal feature for durable clothing.


Our good friends at Hawthorne Manor Farm are providing you this unique opportunity to try another phenomenal yarn.


Border cheviots are shorn once a year - early May. Shearings has been yielding 4-5 inch staples and 5-6 lb fleeces.






Texel/Finnsheep Yarn

What a combination!  The Finn brings luster with loft and Texel brings durability.  Give this unique combination a try.









Our Texel/Finns are are shorn once a year - early May. Shearings has been yielding 4-5 inch staples and 4-5 lb fleeces.

Suri Alpaca Yarn

One of the oldest fiber animals, Alpaca have been bred for meat and fiber since height of the Incan Empire.  The both varieties of alpaca, Huacaya and Suri, produce a supple and swingy fiber.  Huacaya alpaca possess a more wooly appearance while the Suri sports a long, sleek, swingy dreadlocks look. To increase the elasticity of a alpaca yarn, the fiber is frequently blended with mohair, silk or angora.


Mr. Theo is shorn once a year - early summer. Shearings has been yielding 5 inch staples and 5-7lb fleeces.







We are a small farm located in the Endless Mountains region (Thompson) of Pennsylvania.  Our farm operates on the principles of sustainability and self-sufficiency. 


Contact us at rascal_fair@yahoo.com


Visit us on Facebook - Rascal Fair Farm.


Come see us in action throughout the year! We demonstrate felting, spinning and weaving. Our programs are interactive with a "make and take" theme.  Events marked with a "(v)" indicates vending events; come see our wares in 2018.


May 26: Wool Days at Old Mill Village, New Milford, PA (v)


August 26: Greene Dreher Sterling Fair, Newfoundland, PA


September 8 & 9:  Endless Mountains Fiber Festival (v)

We met some new friends, Abby and Ellie, at the Susquehanna Agricultural Day.  The girls tried their hand at needle felting.  And no blood was shed!


We wish to thank all our family and friends who have made Rascal Fair Farm a reality.


Tom and Mary!


Everyone at Carbondale Veterinary Hospital!


Melissa & Sarah . . . our dear Shepherds Extraordinaire!


Rhett, Dziadko, Dante, Vespucci, Jick E. Behr, Willow and Cooper: our departed canine companions.  You guys are NEVER far from our thoughts.  See you on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge!

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